George’s Rockstars was set up in memory of 6 year old Gorgeous George. Our mission is to bring smiles to children in hospital starting with funding music therapy.

George’s Story

George was first diagnosed with leukaemia in November 2014 aged 22 months old. During his near 5 year battle he sadly relapsed 4 times and after having all the treatment there was available including high dose chemo, total body and cranial radiotherapy, bone marrow transplant and revolutionary CAR T Cell therapy, George passed away at home in August 2019 surrounded by his family.

George adored music and nature and had a huge zest for life and infectious smile and character. His family decided to start George’s Rockstars in his name to provide music therapy for children in hospital and bring smiles to children that spend too much of their childhood in hospital.

We became a registered charity in March 2020!

Recent news

We made the News!

A massive thank you to the News for front page coverage of our music therapy sessions at QA children’s department.

Meet Cathy!

George’s Rockstars is incredibly lucky to have an amazing music therapist on board.

What is music therapy?

Music therapy helps children and their families live creatively and resourcefully in the face of illness, disability and trauma.

Exciting announcement!

Our fantastic music therapist Cathy has finally been able to start at Queen Alexandra Hospital children’s department!

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George's Rockstars

George's Rockstars

Gorgeous George fought leukaemia for nearly 5 years with his trademark smile. George passed away in August 2019 aged 6. George's Rockstars was set up by George's family to provide music therapy for children in hospital. Registered charity number 1188730

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3 weeks ago
George's Rockstars
Amazing time by our plane pull team who have raised over £1600! Well done all of you! 💪

Amazing time by our plane pull team who have raised over £1600! Well done all of you! 💪✈️✈️ 2021 RESULTS ✈️✈️

The results are in and for those who didn't see the final times you can see them all listed here.

Fastest Pull

This year the title of fastest pull goes to 'It takes a hero to Poole a Plane" supporting Helping Homeless Veterans-UK They did this in a staggering 30.25 seconds! Close on their tails were "Couldn't Pull a Pint" and "WingSAR".

Best Team Name

Goes to "Couldn't Pull a Pint" pulling for University Hospitals Dorset NHS Charity

Best Fancy Dress

Goes to "Allan's Superheroes" pulling for Dreamflight

Trophies will be sent out to all of these teams via our charity representatives and we would love to see photos of you receiving.

Thanks to all of the 19 teams that took part and we look forward to hopefully seeing you again in 2022!
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Absolutely brilliant well done all 🤟🤟✈️✈️

Well done all involved amazing effort 👏 👏 👏

This is amazing 👏

Well done to you all 👏👏👏👏

3 weeks ago
George's Rockstars
Massive thanks to Magic Mike for organising a festive quiz and disco at Waltham Chase village hall on Saturday 11th December from 7:00pm. Teams of 6 for the quiz. Message Mike on the number on the poster for tickets. 🤘⭐️

Massive thanks to Magic Mike for organising a festive quiz and disco at Waltham Chase village hall on Saturday 11th December from 7:00pm. Teams of 6 for the quiz. Message Mike on the number on the poster for tickets. 🤘⭐️ ... See MoreSee Less

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Have you seen Sophie journey ? She been having music 🎶 in QA thanks to you xx

4 weeks ago
Sophie's journey

Sadly we're still in hospital. It's been a tricky few days trying to work out what is causing Sophie's increased pain in her abdomen. Initially we thought it was the bladder but once the catheter was in we didn't see lots of urine come out. What it did give the doctors was 24 hours to see how much urine was coming out of the catheter. Sophie was very unhappy with it being in, she refused to play ball with the doctors. She told the doctor yesterday that until the catheter was removed she wasn't going to eat, drink, move or anything they ask. I don't know where she gets her stubborn side from 😂😉.

The other issue is the bowel has decided to join in the party and stop working. So it looks like the stomach pain is a combination of the bowel and bladder struggling to work properly because they have a large tumour crushing things inside her abdomen. We always knew this was going to be a challenge but when our time is limited we really don't want to be in hospital.

Sophie's bowels have opened today but it was so painful for her she was screaming in pain. It's awful to witness and nothing I can do to take it away from her.

The doctor had no option but to take the catheter out yesterday as Sophie was so distressed by it. Since the catheter has been removed the urine output has decreased quite a bit so they're having to come up with another plan to empty the bladder.

The oncology nurses and doctors here in Portsmouth talked to the palliative team in Southampton today. They've increased the pain relief of the patches and the breakthrough pain. They're still discussing how best to manage the nausea.

So it looks like we're here for at least another day or so. Sophie has been sleeping lots but today she had musical therapy by George's Rockstars. She absolutely loved this and it really lifted her. This is a charity set up to provide music for children in hospital. They're currently working one day in Portsmouth and will be shortly going once a week to Southampton, Winchester and Basingstoke hospitals. Another amazing charity that make such a difference to children in hospital and set up after their son George sadly died from cancer.

Yesterday Sophie was craving cinnamon swirls (one of her favourite things) and thankfully a friend of mine who is local managed to find some and drop it off. It was the first time I've seen Sophie smile for a few days. She's slowly eating again although is getting pain afterwards.

Tonight Gareth popped up to see Sophie and for me to see Amelia and Lucy who are really missing me. I sat for an hour in Costa with them as that's the only thing that was open. Hopefully it won't be long until we're back home together.
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Been thinking of Sophie and you so much. I think we saw each other briefly on Piam Brown earlier this year. After seeing your post about the Alice’s Ark frame the other day, I changed my profile picture and shared the request for people to turn Facebook Gold for September for your brave Sophie, for my 2 year old boy who has endured Hepatoblastoma (Liver Cancer) this year and to raise awareness of the need for more funding for childhood cancers. I’ve been touched this evening to see my news feed slowing going Gold as many of my friends add the Alice’s Ark frame. Sophie’s blog is making such a difference, thank you. I know how hard it is to be a parent of a child who is suffering. What you are doing is amazing.

Seeing the smile on Sophie's face was a welcome relief tonight....... this brave little girl has endured so much, but through it all the smile was there...... hoping this the last night in hospital ...... and you can all be home in the family home tomorrow....... Hang in there Team Sophie ....... you can do this!! xx❤️❤️

I do something called self intermittent catheterisation. You just put it in when you need a wee and take it out again when you’re done! Much much better than having a catheter that has to stay in and my catheters even have bags attached so I can do it in bed and not make a mess everywhere. It could be an option perhaps if she could manage it and once you get use to it it really isn’t uncomfortable or painful but I know how you said she was so distressed at the indwelling going in so she will probably refuse but I thought I’d mention it incase it would help 💖💖💖 I hope you can all get home soon and back to making precious memories

5plus stars your all amazing,my 21 mnth old grandson died from brain tumour he smile right to the end hence the smiley Riley fund lifes never the the same but memories r so precious.1000 hugs to such a lovely down to earth family xxx

Tough times and yet the bravery of Sophie still shines through. Bless her fighting the Drs such spirit has to be admired. Do hope the pain relief gets resolved to get her home with all of you. Just as hard on her siblings too . We all thinking of you and wishing the best xxxx

Sophie melts my heart and is never far from my thoughts. Your bravery as a family is unbelievable. If you need anything please ask and I would definitely have it dropped to the hospital. Nothing is too much. Take care of you too. You are juggling a lot of cards (a sh*tter hand than most) but make sure to ask for help. Xx

Lovely pictures of you Sophie smiling through unimaginable pain. You are incredibly brave and beautiful. I know it’s so unpleasant but please co-operate with the doctors/nurses they really are there to help you. Sending you and your family lots of love and prayers 🙏❤️❤️

What a trooper. So glad that Sophie managed to get some relief with the music. I can’t imagine how unbearable things must be for you all ❤️

Hope you get back home soon Sophie and mum,honestly,the music you were playing was absolutely fantastic,such a wonderful thing to come into the hospital,something else I think we all need to raise money for so every child can experience this to try and take their minds off the pain and treatment 💕💕💕💕💕💕

Totally understandable that Sophie is trying to take back control of her body, I’m amazed to see her finding moments to smile about, she is incredible. It truly is the horror of childhood cancer unfolding before our eyes, thank you for your bravery and strength to relive these moments by writing this blog to raise awareness and understanding of what the reality is that confronts too many families. Hope the symptom control team come up with a good plan so you’re back to much needed home comforts soon x

God bless her, she is so happy and it's so heartbreaking what this tumor is doing to her inside of her body. Thinking of you all xx

So so so much love to you all. Charlotte, Gareth, as parents you inspire us all to protect and do right by our children, to be their protectors, to wipe the tears to say I love you, to just stand by their sides. Your girls live and breathe love and family bondness, Sophie inspires strength and power to make a difference, to bring about change to give a legacy. Thoughts are with you ❤️❤️❤️

To Sophie you are a 💯 strong 10 yrs old little girl and I love 💘the way you tell the doctors it's your body that is going through the unimaginable pain that no 10 yrs old little girl should not have to go through ,ever day so I send you 💘&💋💋 Shelley X

You can see Sophie's spirit lift with the music therapy. My late dog Evie was a therapy dog over 12 years and brought smiles to many people including children in hospital so I appreciate the charity. God bless you all and I hope Sophie will be home soon x

Thinking of you all every day 💕and very sad to read that Sophie is suffering so much pain 😢 it is really heartbreaking. She is so strong and brave Lovely to see Sophie enjoying the instruments🥁 🎹 🎸 and music. What a wonderful idea. There are such good people in this world 🥰xxx

I am so sorry to hear you are still in hospital. Sophie just astounds me every day with her determination and guts! Get home soon you two . Thinking of you all and wishing we could take the heartache and pain away from you. Sending love xx

Wary to go Sophie, 🤞for you being able to go home tomorrow. That cinnamon swirl looks delicious, I hope you enjoyed it😊. I have to say your hair is looking fantastic, it's so wavy. Looks like the jamming session went well, I'm wondering which instrument you like most, I would love to play keyboards🎹🥁🎷. Sending💞❤🙏🐧🐧🐧xxx

My heart goes out to you. Our son Theo (age 3) has leukaemia so we know partly what you are going through. When he is admitted to QA he loves the music therapy, it is such a fabulous charity. We are all thinking of Sophie and your family as a whole. Xx

Sophie you are such a beautiful girl, still smiling despite everything you’re having to endure. Sending lots of love to you and your family x

I really hope the doctors can come up with a plan to help you with the pain so you get to go home and all be together again. Sending hugs xxxxxxxxxx

Fingers crossed the Drs can come up with something and you get home and Sophie gets comfortable. Sending hugs and hoping you’ll be home soon 💋

Sophie you’re so amazingly brave and always smiling. Hope they get your pain under control and you can go home soon. Lots of love to you all 😘

Another fantastic charity identity as giving music therapy which has been super to distract Sophie for a small amount of time from the nasty pain. Big hugs lovely x x 🐧❤🐧

Hope doctors get pain under control for Sophie. It must be really hard for you seeing her go through this. Life can be so cruel. Love to you all xx

I love the stubborn streak, although I appreciate it makes things challenging for you, its so unbelievably cruel the pain she is having to endure, I hope the docs manage to get in under control and you get home soon, I'm going gold for September, love to you all xxxx

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4 weeks ago
George's Rockstars

Amazing effort from our incredible team taking on the epic Dorset Plane Pull 💪💪💪 ... See MoreSee Less

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