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Make a child in hospital smile through music – become a Rockstars partner!

George’s Rockstars mission is to make children in hospital smile!

Our mission is to support children facing serious illness, disability, trauma or mental health crisis in our hospitals who are isolated from our community, their family and friends, access to education and the simple pleasures of childhood such as going to the park or beach or riding a bike.

This is achieved through music therapy sessions in hospital, giving children a chance to express and explore the emotions, anxieties and fears that being in hospital brings in a child centred, creative approach without needing the words that they may not be able to express.

Our qualified and HCPC registered Music Therapists are a safe person for children; they only bring a trolley of instruments and a caring smile, no needles, medications, or painful procedures.

Last year we helped over 430 children in hospitals in Hampshire, that’s over 430 smiles and precious memories during a traumatic time, and with your help it could be many more!

The opportunity

To join a growing group of like-minded, caring people and businesses that are looking to support children in a time of health crisis and isolation. Many children with serious illness spend far too much of their childhoods in hospital and often do not have access to emotional and psychological support to help them process and cope with the impact of illness and disability.

How can you help?

  • By helping to contribute to the short and long-term financial stability of the charity and how many children we can support through regular monthly donations which are tax deductible while having a huge impact.
  • By utilising your influence and wider network of contacts to engage and encourage more support for children in hospital through introduction to like-minded businesses or contributors.
  • Through helping our message reach a wider audience to grow our support using social media platforms and at fundraising events, this can provide volunteering opportunities, challenges or social events for team building activities that support local children in need.
  • By being a spokesperson for the charity and championing the incredible work done and assist the charities growth to enable more children to receive much needed support.
  • Through the support of the board that manages the charity using your expertise, experience and professional or personal knowledge.

Who might be able to help?

  • Those looking for a local cause to get behind, to help children in their community during a scary and difficult time.
  • Local companies looking with a sense of socioeconomic responsibility and wider opportunities for their team such as volunteering and engaging social events to stand out as an employer that cares.

Why should you get involved?

  • The opportunity to provide some happiness and smiles for children in hospital in your community who cannot access normal childhood activities.
  • A sense on contributing to those in your community that are in a time of crisis.
  • A sense of satisfaction from helping children in need.
  • Improved employee engagement, satisfaction and performance.
  • To join a growing number of local businesspeople looking who see value in supporting an incredible cause.
  • A renewed sense of purpose with unique staff volunteering and team building activities.

Are you interested in becoming a Rockstars Partner?

What can we offer?

  • Ambassador logo on a musical instrument and the music trolley in your local hospital.
  • Ambassador logo, bio and link to your website on our website.
  • Blog post interview with our co-founder Amy for your website and ours as well as your social media channels to help you stand out from your competitors as a business supporting children in your local hospital.

If you would like to make children in your local hospital smile through the power of music during a difficult time, please complete the form below and our co-founder and George’s mum Amy will be in touch with more details.

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