Meet Our Headliners

Meet Andreas, Action Coach and George’s Rockstars Headliner!

Andreas Nest, Action Coach

Andreas Nest is an inspirational business coach, helping business owners achieve the business they have always dreamed of. With over 30 year’s experience in growing and running multiple successful businesses, Andreas wanted to use his experience to help others through business coaching.

Andreas has been kindly coaching our co-founder George’s mum, Amy to ensure the growth of the charity and wanted to do even more to help children in hospital by becoming one of our Headliners, sponsoring music therapy sessions each month.

“I support George’s Rockstars, because I’ve 4 children and this is something that’s close to my heart. I believe that it is important to support our local community first; after all, if we don’t look after each other, then who will.

I can clearly see the difference my donations are making, which is impossible, if I would support charities that go to remote areas of the planet. It’s also a matter of trust, It helps immensely that George’s Rockstars is still run by the passionate founder and is totally transparent, which is seldom the case for all the larger charities.”

– Andreas Nest

Nuno and Louise - George's Rockstars

One of the children that Andreas’ has helped recently is little Nuno. Nuno has spent months on end in hospital for chemotherapy and has weekly music therapy sessions with Louise.

Nuno’s mum recently told us, “Every time Nuno sees a guitar he is so happy. Today I wasn’t sure I could get through another day in this room, but seeing his smile made everything so much easier to cope with.”

If your business would like to make the difference that Andreas is making for children in hospital like Nuno through sponsoring music therapy sessions, book in for a chat with our co-founder Amy.

Meet Damian, Managing Director of CRS Insure and George’s Rockstars Headliner!

Damian Chapman, CRS Insure

Damian Chapman is the Founder and Managing Director of the specialist independent insurance intermediary providing bespoke, tailored commercial insurance solutions for businesses and property owners,

Damian wanted his company to help not just his customers but also those in his local community that need support at a critical time. As a father and musician, Damian chose to support George’s Rockstars as one of our Headliners, sponsoring music therapy sessions each month to support children facing serious illness and disability in hospital through the magic of music therapy.

“At we are very proud to be supporting a cause that brings the healing power of music to children facing long-term and terminal illnesses in hospital.

Working with George’s Rockstars allows us to be able to make a difference by providing solace, joy and hope through the gift of music therapy, contributing to brighter moments in these young warriors’ lives.”

– Damian Chapman

Jack - George's Rockstars

Damian’s support has recently helped young Jack. Jack frequently visits hospital and, although luckily he generally doesn’t have to stay for too long, he understandably finds the environment challenging and can get quite overwhelmed. This can make it really hard for the doctors and nurses to give Jack the care he urgently needs.

Through making music with Louise, Jack regains control over his environment and has a lot of fun. This helps Jack feel calmer and more able to engage with the treatment he needs, meaning his hospital visit will be shorter and less stressful for everyone.

Doesn’t that smile say it all!

Your company can make the difference for children like Jack in hospital, creating a calmer environment and reducing the anxiety that hospital brings to children through sponsoring music therapy sessions as one of our Headliners. Book in for a chat with our co-founder and George’s mum, Amy here:

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